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   Your protection + our process

Don’t trust your home or business to just any pest control company. We use a stringent, client-centric process to ensure collaboration occurs at every critical junction and that you’re informed every step of the way.

Over 30 years of service to our local community has taught us the value of hard work, honesty and integrity. From our humble beginnings to our modern day operations, these principles have been our mainstay.

In-Home Pest Control 

Our featured lawn care service provides your lawn a total of eight treatments throughout the year.  Small changes in mowing or watering will have a great impact on the overall quality of your lawn.  Our professionals will work with you to maintain a great lawn .  With our TLC-8 Lawn Care Service we will never space your treatments more than 60 days apart.

Residential  *  Commercial

Our Residential and Commercial Work Speaks for Itself

There’s nothing more important than your protecting your family or customers from bugs, so we tackle every project like it was our own. This commitment to pest control has resulted in a list of very satisfied clients. We’d love to add your name to it.

At Bug Man Pest Control, we view our job as a highly important service to the community in protecting both health and property. From our new offering of Eco-friendly products and thoroughness of work (just to mention a couple of things) are a testimony to this. So if your home or property is in need of service, DON'T FUSS CALL US! 352-669-1264

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